How to make a radio station work - and why successful radio managers do the things they do

A great 'thank you' from an emerging community radio station. Hopefully your book, and its subsequent editions, will become a standard reference work. Superbly written, well-researched, and extremely useful - thank you.
Trevor Lockwood, Chairman, Felixstowe Radio

Congratulations on an excellent comprehensive study which will hugely benefit our work at ABC Ulwazi in Johannesburg. Many thanks for making it available online! 
Romie Singh, Educational Radio Producer/Trainer, ABC Ulwazi Radio

I've passed on the website to two of our undergraduate volunteers who are doing radio related courses. I know they will find useful information in it. As a community radio manager we don't have a lot of support documents or an internal group structure that we can refer to  ....the availability of something that is more up to date is greatly appreciated
Simon Walker, Managing Director, Tameside Radio.

Thank you for making your Managing Radio work available on the internet..... I was most impressed with the depth of your work and its scope.
Daryl Ilbury, host of the BIG Breakfast on East Coast Radio, South Africa's biggest English-medium independent radio station

This is a invaluable piece of work for my work with broadcasters in developing countries. This handbook fully embraces the digital era and reflects the huge transformation that has impacted radio management and production in the last five years.
Jonathan Marks, Broadcaster and Trainer, Amsterdam

Wonderful - congratulations to the authors of 'Managing Radio' -  Is this not also a good example of publishing in the electronic age - before it was hardback and paperback - now it's hardback, paperback and online creative commons version - brilliant.
Cathy Aitchison

On behalf of HCJB Global Sub-Saharan Africa I want to say viva for the work on  this comprehensive and great material. Our many radio partners will really benefit from your work.
Joseph H. Kebbie, Training co-ordinator, HCJB Global Sub-Saharan Africa, Accra, Ghana

It's really a useful and brilliant work. Managers of radio stations in China are very keen to find more effective ways to manage the organization in the new competing environment. The book here is certainly a great guide to a possible road ahead.
Crystal Zhang, Communication University of China, Beijing.

Managing Radio. Sound Concepts. Paperback. 350 pages.
ISBN 978-1-4452-2312-4