durham digital

coming soon to a radio near you

We've set up durham digital to operate the two proposed digital radio multiplexes covering the key central areas of County Durham. Each multiplex will be able to carry more than twenty different services in digital quality, all of them new to digital radio in this area. We are local people and believe this should best be a partnership between the wide variety of broadcasters, organisations and individuals who will most benefit from this exciting new technology.


Community Radio

Are you running a community radio station, or would you like to? Whether it's for your local area or for people with a common interest, we can get you onto DAB


Hospital Radio

With hospital stays getting shorter and more patients recovering in the community, many hospital stations are finding it useful to be heard in the surrounding area.


Student Radio

If you're an established student radio station, or if your university, college or school would like to start one, now you can afford to broadcast on digital radio.


Commercial Radio

At last smaller commercial radio stations can afford to be heard on DAB. You'll be sharing the cost of the transmitter so it works out far cheaper than conventional FM or AM broadcasting.


National networks

Specialist or niohe radio stations can now reach targeted audiences across the country by taking space on selected local multiplexes at reasonable rates.


New ideas

Got a new concept in audio broadcasting? Take your online or podcast dream and make it a reality herre in the north east. Let's make radiio history together!

Across the heart of the north east

Durham Digital will be applying to operate DAB transmitters covering an area stretching between Chester-le-Street and Durham City in the north to Barnard Castle and Darlington to the south. We are flexible, your station could cover the whole region or you could choose to broadcast only to Durham City and the surrounding towns and villages, or to an area including Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe and Barnard Castle

And it's not just to benefit broadcasters

Durham Digital will offer new affordable advertising opportunities for small businesses in the county - much needed at the moment - and transmit new stations offering free local publicity for community organisations and interest groups.